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They Hypnotic Secretary video added to our clips4sale store

Goddess Jenna's video "The Hypnotic Secretary" was added to our clips4sale store, go here now and buy it slaves:

The Hypnotic Secretary With Goddess Jenna
(for some reason the pic wont load, go to the link above to see this hot clip and a video tease. This is the hottest video you will ever see!)
A slave paid for this personal video of what Goddess Jenna would do if she was his secretary. Goddess Jenna starts off teasing the executive in her short skirt, she bends over showing off her toned legs and perfect ass, the executive has been working long hours, so she massages his shoulders and tells him to lie down on the couch. Goddess Jenna teases him with by showing him her perfect ass and taking off her bra, the executive is light headed and Goddess Jenna takes advantage of that. Goddess Jenna tells him to relax; she massages her big beautiful tits putting him further under her spell. When the slave is under her spell she smothers him with her tits and her perfect ass, she speaks so seductively telling him how he is to give her a raise of $10,000 a week and an unlimited shopping spree. She seduces him telling him he will get 1 or 2 more jobs if that is what it takes to make her happy. The executive agrees, he has no power since he is under her spell. Goddess Jenna rubs her perfect body all over his while he writes up a contract and signs it. When she wakes him up from the spell he asks her what happened, she tells him not to worry everything is going to be ok as she giggles and tells him he should get back to work.
Tags: ass smothering, ass worship, big tits, blondes, brat girls, face sitting, fantasy, female domination, femdom, financial domination, glamination, goddess jenna, goddess worship, human atms, hypnotize, legs, money dommes, money pigs, money slaves, role play, secretary, short skirt, smother, tease, tit smother, tit worship
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